About the Band

Painted Ocean
Dougie, John, Alex, Mark, Jenny, Noel. Photo: Ian Cowie.

Painted Ocean are Mark Toner of Dumfries and Noel Chidwick of Edinburgh, ably helped and inspired by Jenny Johnson, Alex Cook, Dougie Mathieson and John Taylor.

Our music was described as

progressive folk-rock

with a touch

of the psychedelic

about it

we like that.

Take a listen:


Who are our inspirations?

Both of us grew up in our separate ways (Mark in East Kilbride, Noel in Birmingham) with the likes of Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Tangerine Dream – progressive rock from the 70s. We  also have a deep love of traditional and folk music too, Mark with his roots sunk deep into Scottish music, and Noel playing bass and guitar in ceilidh bands around the central belt of Scotland, where he’s lived since 1982.


So here’s to our journey upon the Painted Ocean… please join us, and meet the band.