Stone Owl on the Shore released

The day has come at last – Stone Owl on the Shore is released at last.

It’s a fine a mix of folk, celtic, prog, semi-psychedelic, SF singer-songwritery, and includes a proggi-ish Christmas song – When Snow Falls at Night – that will force Greg Lake to hang up his guitar.

Stone Owl on the Shore opens with the echoes of a violent sea battle before moving on to the story of the Caves of Gold on the Isle of Skye. We take time out to enjoy a few minutes of calm as night turns to day deep in the forests. There’s a Christmas song, reminding us all to relax, take time out to enjoy what we have. Put down that phone! We launch into space, telling the heroic story of Jim Lovell, the commander of the Apollo 13 mission – that’s the one that didn’t land on the Moon. And finally we embark on a journey into the future of an Arthur C Clarke story, where space yachts travel amongst the planets, driven only by the wind from the sun.
Sit back, raise a small glass of whisky, and wallow in a wonderful blend of voices, guitars, keyboards, percussion, and piano.
And there really is a Stone Owl, and he really was on the Shore

You can buy it as a download or as a real CD from Bandcamp via this panel over here. Click on the very discrete button marked ‘buy’

You can also download it through iTunes if you prefer, or via an Amazon site of your choice.