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Stone Owl on the Shore

7th November. That’s the date to put in your calendar. The new album, too long in the making, will be available for download and purchase on CD. If you want to pre-order it you can do so via Bandcamp. You will be able to listen and download one of the tracks, Forest Glades, as a […]

Stone Owl on the Shore is Ready for Release

The album has taken a long time to finish, is now finished. It has been recorded and mixed at my home studio, and it has been beautifully mastered by Andy Jackson of Tube Mastering. Andy works with Pink Floyd and David Gilmour, so we thought he would be ideal to add a polish to the […]

Stone Owl on the Shore—the Tide is Rising

At last all six pieces of the new album are asymptotically ready for sending to the Mastering Engineer who is yet to be chosen. There are still some minor tweaks to be made, some tiny bits of tidying, but it’s almost, at last, finally nearly ready. Mark and Noel are going to listen to the whole thing […]

Unearthing the treasure in the Caves of Gold

Our next song, Caves of Gold, on Stone Owl on the Shore is almost ready for mastering. We’re just playing it on all sorts of devices to make sure the bodhran doesn’t leap out of the speakers and grab you by the short and curlies. We want to make sure the growling monster stays contained […]

“Burn the Books!”

Please don’t. We’re working on the last two songs of our long-awaited album, Stone Owl on the Shore. Caves of Gold is currently in the blender being pummelled, pushed, bashed and knocked into shape. We think it’s brilliant, so we want to make sure it’s sounding as good as it possibly can be. In the […]

We’re Going to the Moon For Christmas

By popular request:   IF you are looking for We’re Going to the Moon for Christmas, here it is on video:   We released this as Arbelos a few years ago, looking to raise funds for UNICEF. If you like it, please consider making a donation. If you really, really like it, please donate to […]

Goodness me and Facebook too

We’ve been busy getting out and about in all the places to be seen. For the Facebookians amongst our listeners and readers you can now follow our musical travels there.   We have a Facebook page where you can keep up, or you can join us on the gently lapping ocean in the Painted Ocean […]

So Near Yet So Far – the video

Mark has done us proud. He’s been beavering away night  and day and stitched together a great video for So Near Yet So Far.



Remember you can download the song from your favourite online music shops such as

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So Near Yet So Far takes Amazon by Storm

And today, So Near Yet So Far is now available through Amazon. You have run out of excuses: there is no escape from Barethenot and his bandy of wily minstrels. Download So Near Yet So Far from Amazon, and help to loosen the Stone Owl from his bonds of millenia. Read The Stone Owl to find […]