Forest Glades

Time passes, and life in the forest is full of light, shade and love.

The third song from Stone Owl on the Shore



Floating seagull, soaring high,
Sliver wings against the sky, of
Yellow and blue, I see you.

Flight of owl, gliding low,
Silent wings, white feathers glow,
Catching my light, startling sight.

Forest Glades upon the ground,
Watch the sun without a sound. 
Standing there on friendly earth, 
I can sense the universe. 

Ancient moon who sees the sun,
Lights the darkness, night’s begun.
You shine with the sun, your lights are one.

Ghostly starlight, distant bright,
Lights the secret of the night.
Burning afar, there you are.

Ancient trees all watch the sun,
Climbing high, the day’s begun.
Morning breeze, singing leaves.

Ancient trees all drink the sun,
Growing tall, the day’s begun.
Morning breeze, singing leaves

Words and Music: Mark Toner
Additional music: Jenny Johnson


Sailing the Painted Ocean

Mark Toner: Lead vocals, guitar
Noel Chidwick: acoustic bass, percussion, backing vocals
Jenny Johnson: piano, keyboard, backing vocals
Birds of Craiglockhart Dell, Edinburgh: Dawn Chorus
Quasar One: synthesisers

Recorded, mixed and produced by Noel Chidwick and Mark Toner

 Artwork: Noel Chidwick; Stone Owl by Mark Toner

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