Unearthing the treasure in the Caves of Gold

Our next song, Caves of Gold, on Stone Owl on the Shore is almost ready for mastering. We’re just playing it on all sorts of devices to make sure the bodhran doesn’t leap out of the speakers and grab you by the short and curlies. We want to make sure the growling monster stays contained within the digits yet scares the socks off you.

Jenny’s ethereal aahs and spine-tingling chorus are just enough to draw you in to the rocks, and I think I even have the words just right. Mark is doing strange things with a guitar synth.

Caves of Gold goes back a long way, and I’ve been waiting years to release a version of this song out in the wild. If you want to practice the chorus until it is ready for your sensitive but demanding ears, dear reader, join in now:

“Ere I return from the Caves of Gold,

Ere I return from the Caves of Gold”

If you’re on our mailing list we’ll keep you posted for when the album is ready…

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